16度水槽 16 Degree Tank

It is about the temperature setting of my fish tank. Last winter, it was 20 deg. Celsius. It is 16 deg. now although the temp usually gets higher than the setting during the daytime because of the air conditioning of the room.

The reason I can lower the temperature this year is that of the disaster happened a few month ago. One weekend in the early November, we went out for a short trip for four days. Every year, I start heating in December, so the tank was not heated. A big chill came at the weekend. We encountered the first snow fall this year during the trip.

When I came home, I found unnamed cichlids and Cardinal Tetras were dead. The temp was lower than ten deg. C. Last year I killed all fish in the tank because of parasites. And this year this. I did not have a word to apologize them. What were fine were Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnows, shrimps, and unexpectedly an African Lamp Eye

As fish needs higher temperature was dead, I decided to lower the temp. Saving energy. I think I can lower the temp more, but the temp controller I have starts beeping when the water temp differs a lot from the setting. So I have it as it is.

Later I added some more regular White Cloud Mountain Minnows, and Indian Glass Fishes. They also withstand low temperature.

Now the tank is a half terrarium. This corner has been wetland above water for a while.  The area is covered with Peperomias, Microsorium, Cryptocorynes, Cryptanthuses, etc. The lava stone in the front was caved and butterworts are planted.

Another wetland area. Since it was made above water recently, plats are still struggling to adjust to the new environment. An Echinodorus major is flowering. In the back, there is also a lava rock covered with Microsorium, Aromaticus, Green Penny Fern, and another type of Polypodiaceae.

Sunken area. A view from above.

Front right corner.
Front center view.

Front left with a heater.


種かな? Seeds?


In one morning, my wife found something on the floor while vacuuming the floor. I thought they are seeds of an air plant Juncea located near the spot.

They were bearing several seed pods since last autumn and I have been expecting seeds coming out. So I carefully collected them with my fingers and wrapped in a sheet of tissue paper as I was about to going out.

外出中、妻からメールが届いた。私の幸運を祝ってくれたのだ。妻は写真を添付してくれた。 なんと、クソ〜! あの黒いつぶつぶは芋虫の糞の乾いたものだったのだ。芋虫はエアプランツの隣においてあった亀甲竜の葉を食べていたのだ。
While I was out, my wife sent me a mail celebrating my good luck. She attached a picture of this. Oh, sh*t! The black particles were the dried waste of a caterpillar. It was eating leaves of the elephant's foot located next to the air plant.

A few days later, she found another one on the vine of the elephant's foot. Hope this was the last one.


新入り達 New members

I introduced two kinds of new members in my aquarium. It is because many cardinal tetras died because of my careless changing of water the other day. 
One of them is this Golden White Cloud Mountain minnow. I wanted to get them sooner since they are robust and can tolerate wide range of water temperature. This golden ones look good, too.

I also bought this, a kind of Apistogramma I think. A girl at the fish shop kindly warned me that this type is rough natured, and are not recommended to mix with the Golden White Cloud Mountain minnow.

I thanked her and anyway I bought them all. In my tank there are this blue tetras shown below. They are rough tempered too. After I get them together, these two types of tough guys were intimidating each other. It looks like they found a solution. The Apisto's are mostly hiding between the rocks and come out only they sense smell of food, and blue tetras are swimming wildly as before, and the golden ones are swiftly dodge.


開花 Blooming


I was away for a while in June while I was traveling. Regardless of my absence, the plants are fine as usual. My succulent and cacti are blooming.

This is preparing the second flower in this season.

I failed to see this flower. When I noticed it was over.


デマだと思った I thought it a groundless rumor.


I thought it a groundless rumor as we often find in the net community. They say horsetail can be propagated by cuttings. Really? Who would believe such a fern can be propagated from cuttings. Anyway I tried. I put five cuttings in an old sake-bottle of water. ;-)

始めは、毎日点検した。点検の頻度は段々数日おきに減っていった。数日前までは何も変化がなかったと思う。しかし、今朝見ると、なんとなんと!! ホンマや!! 5本の内3本に根が出ている。
I checked every day at first. The frequency of checking has decreased to every several days. There were no change until a few days ago, I think.
However, this morning, OMG! it was true!! Three out of five cuttings started to grow roots in the water.

I planted them in a pot that was once one of my tea cups.
Let's see how they will be.

This is one I planted horsetails with roots maybe a month ago. They are soaked in water altogether with a pot. It looks like they started to grow their young shoots. Even though I planted some moss and ground cover plants on the surface of the soil, they are too small to make a good scenery.

Talking about cuttings, this is a lemon plants I pruned also a month ago. I did not notice until today that it started to grow two roots. Surprising, surprising.

爆発だ! Explosion!

Flowers in my garden are exploding.

Cucti and succulents started to flower. I left these outside during winter in a simple frame surrounded by vinyl sheets. Even though they looked a little bit damaged, but it bore largest counts of buds than ever.

Indoor, there are several last orchids of the season flowering.

Outdoor again, a tropical flower.

Yes, certainly it is still a season for peonies and roses.

Gazanias seem to be adapted to the poor soil they were plated.

White roses.
Some herbs.

Even leaves are exploding.

After once I published the article I decided to add some pictures taken from a window upstairs.

They enjoy glorious spring. I feel they may be exited too much , but in a month it will be a rainy month, and they can relax then.


園芸とは何だ? What is gardening?

What is gardening?

I certainly feel happy if they flower.

A flower of a succulent came from California

Or, I feel relieved to see a small sleepyhead flower bud coming out as same as the last year.

It is pleasing to see the plants grow healthy.

Clematis growing in aquaculture

And, even it is a jubilation to see a tiny bud appearing from a bulb as nothing happened without knowing I have been worrying whether it was alive or not.
Climbing Onion

Even though sometimes I was often taken to despair to see them die by my fault, or feel furious when bugs devour their young leaves or flower buds, I cannot quit gardening for the time being.